try and escape in 60 minutes

Escape room is a unique team game based on the idea of bringing a video game to life. The game itself is based on discovering clues, solving puzzles and unravelling mysteries with the goal of escaping in the shortest time possible. Each individual game gives the players different scenarios and levels of difficulty with unique technical and visual layouts of the space and progressions through the specific tasks. Over a period of 60 minutes, players pass through different areas that test their logical thinking and cognitive abilities and undergo a test of their collaborative skills with their team, all within a fixed length of time.


X-quests is a project that was among the first to break the boundaries between the virtual world and television screens. This project delivers the unique escape room game experience together with an engaging scenario and atmosphere. The X-quests project delivers fully automated games with original puzzles and its own logic for progressing through the game.  All quests are based on well-known scenarios with plot complexities and levels of detail that far exceed those from the first wave of escape rooms.

You’ve got an hour to get your brain cells working and resolve the assigned tasks that have made many sweat. Neither brute force nor finding a key will get you out. Our job certainly isn’t to frighten you, and our game is so engulfing that you’re sure to remember the locked door long since you’re returned home.


A group of friends

Want to have fun and experience something new? Give you brain cells a workout!

Families with children

Experience the adventure and immerse yourself in magical tales that fascinate the whole family.


Discover new worlds, experience crazy feelings and get your adrenaline flowing.


Step out of the day-to-day grind, leave the four walls of the office behind and give your team a true test.










60 minutes and the clock is ticking...


Working days
till 17:30


Working days
after 17:30


Friday evenings and


The fee for each player on top of the recommended group size is 10€. Joining another player must be approved by phone before.

Payment must be made in person before starting the game and in cash only.



Players are getting discount to the date of birth and in the period of 7 following days!

– 10%


When student’s ID card or elementary school book provided you are gitting this discount.

– 10%


We’re happy to provide a discount if you reserve all three games at the same time.

– 15%

Compound of discounts is not possible.

Book Now

To book the game, please contact us on +421 919 030 219 or e-mail us on xquest.bratislava@x-quest.sk


Frequently asked questions...

Do the locked rooms make people feel afraid or uncomfortable?

Expect adventure and surprises in our rooms, not A terrifying experience. The rooms are well lit and players are connected to a game operator at all times.

What if we don't manage to resolve the tasks in the defined time limit and don't manage to escape?

The game ends once the set time expires and the players may reserve another time to come, repeat and finish the game with a discount. Teams are free to ask for advice and help from the game operator during the game itself.

How many players can play at once?

At least two players are needed to solve our games. A maximum number of players is defined for each game individually. These recommendations are defined based on the size of the rooms and the number and nature of the individual tasks that await inside.

What is the price for a game if we are a small group of two?

The defined prices are specified for a single game lasting 60 minutes for the recommended limit on the number of players. The price is the same for a smaller number of players.

Can a group larger than identified on your website play a game?

Some rooms can support larger groups. Please give us a call and we’ll provide more details about the gaming conditions if needed.

What happens if we don't come on time?

We recommend that players come at least 15 minutes before their scheduled start time. If you are late for your scheduled time and another group has a reservation after you, unfortunately we will have to reduce the time allotted for your game.

Can children play the games?

Many families with children play our ‘Alice’s Dream’ game. Children up to age 14 may play with a supervising adult while children 14 and over are able to solve the tasks and puzzles in this game on their own.

Is the ‘Alice's Dream’ game only for children?

This game is based on the well-known fairy tale but its difficulty makes it one of the more challenging escape room games that makes adults sweat as well.

What if I cannot attend a reserved game for personal reasons?

An unexpected event can spoil anyone’s plans. If you have a reserved time and cannot attend, simply give us a call and we’ll reschedule your game or cancel your reservation.

What is the difference between X-quests and other escape room games?

Our quests are based on a unique atmosphere and an original scenario for progressing through every game. Each room has a specific number of intertwining tasks and puzzles that combine to make up the plot of the game. The games are fully automated and equipped with various kinds of technical equipment and furnishings to amplify the overall experience and the adventure of progressing through the game.


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